Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today tell us why you think you have The Luck of The Irish!
-tell us what makes you the lucky one.
-become a follower of this blog.
-and we will pick a name later today!
WIN SOMETHING FUN!! (and festive)

This Friday Christina is re-releasing Caught Red Handed at ScrapMatters!!
and this awesome Alpha!!!


  1. I am lucky to have a AWESOME family! They mean so much to me! I am lucky to have a couple great friends and a God that LOVES me! I AM LUCKY!

  2. I have the luck of the Irish because I find pots of gold! Yup! Change in pockets, in the dryer, in the vacuum, down the toilet!
    Also a bit of anti Irish because I have NO LUCK, I never win anything or am randomly drawn, however I don't hold it against the Irish, I love Darby O'Gill and the Little People!

  3. Well I have the luck of the Irish cause I have 2 of the cutest red headed boys and come from 8 generations of blonde hair blue eyes, but these 2 bring so much color to my life. Love Amanda's comment cause if that is luck I sure have enough of that to share with these 2 angels of mine, LOL

  4. I swear I commented once already today! And now my comment isn't here! Oh well. I'll try again.

    I am lucky to be the mom of a beautiful blue eyed Irish looking daughter, with Baby Brother's arrival less than two months away!