Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mixing It Up!

I must admit, I have always been one of those scrappers that when I choose a kit to use, I only use pieces from that kit. I always thought that it was too much trouble to pick and choose elements and papers from different kits and then have to credit everything in the galleries, it always gave me a headache to even think about it! lol.

Then came along Wimpychompers Creations. Not only are these kits beautiful on their own, they also work so well mixed together. I love that in every kit there are amazing patterned papers along with matching solids. Now that I have gotten into the swing of pulling different elements from different kits, I always find myself heading straight to Christina's kits to get those awesome papers. I have mixed elements from her different kits together and even mixed her papers and elements with some from other designers.

Here are some examples:

Candy Corn Acres:
Leaves, Flowers, Orange Paper from Little Pumpkin Cuties.
Button, Flair and Black Bow from Halloween Fright.
Brown Paper from Fall Harvest.

This one is a good example of mixing one of Christina's kits with elements from another designer.
Darker Green Paper, Polka Dot Paper, Flowers, Buttons and Bow from Forever Sisters.
Everything else is from another designer. See how well it all works together!

Here are the kits that I used (images are linked to the store):

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