Thursday, January 14, 2010

Team Spirit

Yesterday you saw the preview of the AWESOME new kit called Touchdown, how can you not love this kit. It has everything for the football fan including tons of team colors and elements that will make you go wild! I'm a HUGE football fan! So I couldn't resist showing you guys my very first WVU game...go 'EERS! (that's WV Mountaineers for all you rookie's out there-LOL!) My hubby promised me we'd go to a game and 5yrs later we finally made it :) It was amazing, it was the Big East Championship folks (that's huge) and Pat White was the quarterback who love his heart played with the flu (literally getting sick on the sidelines and than going back out to play-that's devotion!) so anyway this pic I've entitled Unnecessay Roughness...he's hugging me just a little too tight in this pic but I won't complain-LOL! and by the way we whooped E.Carolina! Life is good :) Pick up the kit, Superbowl will be here soon, thank about all those party pics...and I will See you next week and as always enjoy!

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