Thursday, January 7, 2010

new year, new you

Its me again, I know because of the holidays I haven't been around lately but I'm back with your favorite blasts from the past and today is one great many of you are dedicated to losing those holiday pounds??? lets face it deep in our hearts we all know we want to but than reality sets in...why not give yourself some extra encouragement by scrapping the process, show where you started and how far you've come you'll be amazed at what little you thought was accomplished is actually a big thing. Seriously, think about this, I heard one time that you don't think of losing a pound as much but consider a pound of butter! You take one lb. of butter from your body...that's amazing. So celebrate that weight lose even if its just a lb. or two. and Wimpychompers has the perfect kit for you to do it with...Worth the sweat! Its available at Polka Dot Plum and has everything you'll need to create that lost the weight or just getting in shape page! So get motivated, get the kit, and get going...and I'll see you next week with another great kit!

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