Thursday, December 10, 2009

caught red handed

You know your little ones are sneaky...come on admit it. Even some of you adults have been caught doing things you probably shouldn't. Ever been caught on camera??? Well check out this new kit Wimpychompers Creations has for you. It would be perfect for those hand in the cookie jar pictures, or taking a peek at those wrapped gifts??? Come on think of the possibilities...I had tons of pics of my son doing this he shouldn't...shaving cream in his hair,dumping out my purse, putting on lipstick...and of course my favorite emptying out the refrigerator...he's little...the world is full of things he shouldn't get into-LOL! Anyway you really need to check out this kit...absolutely adorable...would I lead you wrong??? Enjoy and remember its only available at Polka Dot Plum

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