Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome to my Wonder Women!

Welcome to my new CT girls blog! I guess the secret is finally out, my girls have a secret identity. That's right, by day they are normal women but by night they inspire layouts, slash prices, and can predict the future. They're all pretty amazing I might say. :) Don't forget they also have power to create amazing freebies for you as well. Alone they are all super girls but together they combine to make "Wimpy's Wonder Women" or W3 for short. I could go on all day because they are just that talented and fabulous but, let's face it, this is THEIR blog, I just decorate for them. lol. Honestly, stay tuned for the Super Girls because we never know what my Wonder Women are up to... they can be pretty sneaky!

PS If you are confused by the name change let's just say we thought this fit us better, we wanted to share the real team and besides, we needed a new look for our new store! Polka Dot Plum will be opening before we know it!!!

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